Considering a DCFS Adoption? Know the Process

Adoption can be a joyous and life-changing experience for families. Whether it be an international adoption, domestic adoption, adoption from an extended family, or adoption in a foster care situation, there are legal processes that must be understood and followed.

Adoption establishes you, the adopting parent, as the child’s legal guardian. This means you are granted legal parenting rights and decision-making responsibilities.

A large portion of adoptions in Illinois are facilitated through the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). In fact, over the last decade, more than 15,000 children were adopted through DCFS. If you are considering opening your home to another child or children, speak with an adoption attorney to find out how they can assist with the process.

The Requirements

The first step would be an initial screening, which would include a home visit to meet with your family and establish an idea of your personalities and lifestyle. Financial ability and the availability of space within the home are two critical factors considered by the DFCS. The next step is to become a licensed foster parent. Doing so allows the children to be placed with your family. This process usually takes between 30 and 60 days. There is training involved, which can help the foster parents and children adjust as smoothly as possible. After the adoption is complete, further training and helpful resources are also available.

Once the license is secured, DCFS will facilitate to match siblings or a single child to your current family. Once a child or children have been placed with your family, adoptions are typically approved by the department and the courts after six months.

Compassionate Illinois Adoption Attorney

Legal assistance is always advisable even when dealing with a state or federal agency. Knowing that you have thorough representation is reassuring. This gives you the time, resources, and mental strength you need to navigate the process. For professional and compassionate legal counsel, contact Abear Law Offices. Our compassionate Wheaton adoption lawyer can help you take next steps in opening your home and growing your family. Call 630-904-3033 today.