How Mediation Contributes to a Healthy Divorce

Research has shown that divorce is on the decline in the last few decades, but there were still 33,789 total divorces and annulments in Illinois in 2011, 2,310 which occurred in DuPage County. There are various emotions that arise during the course of divorce proceedings. Guilt, anger, and sadness are all overwhelming and can affect day-to-day life at any moment. How can one deal in a healthy way with the dissolution of a marriage?

The American Psychological Association says one of the keys to a healthy divorce is mediation. Divorce negotiations can likely lead to arguments and be as frustrating as conversations leading up to your divorce. Mediation is an alternative, which can be beneficial for conflict resolution and less emotionally draining than battling in court.

As part of the DuPage County Mediation Referral Program, a mediator’s role is to:

  • assist parties in identifying issues;
  • foster joint problem-solving;
  • explore settlement alternatives; and
  • reach mutual agreements.

A mediator must complete a court-approved divorce mediation training program. If both parties cannot agree upon a mediator, the presiding judge will appoint one. Since the dissolution of marriage is a legal act, there are several factors involved when a marriage ends such as:

  • division of assets;
  • financial rights and support;
  • custody of children, when applicable;
  • right to property; and
  • alimony.

If children are involved, mediation may be valuable to them to create a more peaceful and cooperative environment. Additionally, parties typically keep more control over their children’s future interest, including an agreement of joint custody that would secure time with both parents, by choosing mediation.

Deciding to use mediation during divorce proceedings does not quell the emotions that often come with the process, but it can be an aid to prevent conflict. If you are considering a divorce in Illinois, contact an experienced DuPage County divorce attorney today.