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Communication, Divorce and Mediation

Communication is key to a healthy marriage and should always be held dear to each spouse. However, any heated argument between both spouses can make for a very frustrating relationship, especially when the decision to dissolve the marriage has already been made.

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How Mediation Can Keep Your Business Intact During a Divorce

Some divorcing couples are surprised to find out that a business can be part of their marital estate – the property acquired during the course of the marriage that must be divided upon divorce. It can be especially surprising if the other spouse never worked at or “officially” contributed to the business. Thankfully, a skilled divorce lawyer can help you assess what the scope of your marital property is and what may be excluded. Mediation may also be a valuable tool in preserving a business during a divorce. Learn more with help from the following.

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About to Divorce? Consider Mediation

If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, you may not know how best to proceed. Hiring an attorney can be expensive, but the divorce process is complicated, and going it on your own could lead to costly mistakes. What is your best option? If you and your spouse are willing to work together through your divorce process, and are hoping to keep your case out of court, consider mediation. Through mediation, couples can amicably reach a divorce agreement they both agree upon, without the conflict and expense of a typical litigated divorce. As an added plus, mediation typically tends to take less time, allowing couples to quickly finalize their divorce and move on.

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A Glossary of Divorce Terms

Divorce is a common legal process that many couples will have to go through. However, as with many legal proceedings, the terminology can often form an unnecessary obstacle to people’s understanding it. This glossary of divorce terms should help people cut through the legal jargon to understand what is going on in their own divorce case.

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How Mediation Contributes to a Healthy Divorce

Research has shown that divorce is on the decline in the last few decades, but there were still 33,789 total divorces and annulments in Illinois in 2011, 2,310 which occurred in DuPage County. There are various emotions that arise during the course of divorce proceedings. Guilt, anger, and sadness are all overwhelming and can affect day-to-day life at any moment. How can one deal in a healthy way with the dissolution of a marriage?

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Mediation Can Reduce the Stress of Divorce

When a marriage ends, it often ends badly. Anger, resentment, and bitterness between divorcing spouses can make the process extremely stressful and difficult. It may even be impossible for some couples to sit in the same room together due to the powerful emotions involved. Many others, however, are able to peacefully work together as they navigate the necessary steps toward completing the divorce. For these situations, divorce mediation may fit the couple’s needs perfectly.

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