About to Divorce? Consider Mediation

If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, you may not know how best to proceed. Hiring an attorney can be expensive, but the divorce process is complicated, and going it on your own could lead to costly mistakes. What is your best option? If you and your spouse are willing to work together through your divorce process, and are hoping to keep your case out of court, consider mediation. Through mediation, couples can amicably reach a divorce agreement they both agree upon, without the conflict and expense of a typical litigated divorce. As an added plus, mediation typically tends to take less time, allowing couples to quickly finalize their divorce and move on.

Save Time and Money

Couples who attempt a “do-it-yourself” divorce often do not have the knowledge to navigate the process themselves, leading to costly mistakes and potential issues in the future. Issues later means hiring lawyers, thus eliminating the savings of not hiring representation in the first place. Instead, mediation may be a good option. Rather than hiring opposing representation, in mediation, a neutral third party mediator helps a couple navigate the complex divorce process and come to an agreeable divorce settlement. Couples are educated on the legal divorce process, and the mediator helps them make decisions on child issues, finances, and more. In fact, any issue pertaining to a divorce can be resolved through mediation. Once an agreement is finalized, it is taken to family court for approval. Most couples who choose mediation save time and money, and are typically happier with their divorce agreement long into the future, as they were the ones making every decision together.

Making decisions together, however, can be difficult, especially if the couple still has unresolved feelings towards their separation, or cannot agree on certain issues. If one spouse is hostile, or unwilling to collaborate, mediation may not be the best option. For couples who are willing to work together, past their anger, sadness, and frustration, however, mediation is effective and can also serve as a form of therapy. Many mediators report their clients moving forward with a better understanding of each other, and are able to let go of the issues surrounding their divorce. Additionally, if children are involved, mediation can help parents prepare for the co-parenting to come. Co-parenting requires both parties to communicate with each other and agree on child raising decisions, something that can be difficult to do after a conflicted, litigated case. Through mediation, however, couples often leave able to better communicate and parent.

DuPage County Mediation

Mediation may not be the best option for everyone. In cases where couples strongly disagree with each other, or where conflict is unavoidable, litigation is likely necessary. If an amicable divorce is your goal, however, mediation is an excellent option to explore. At Abear Law Offices, we strive to make our client’s divorce process as cost-effective and painless as possible. Before initiating your divorce, schedule a consultation with us to review your options. Our experienced DuPage County family law attorneys are strong advocates of mediation, and can help you determine if it is the right option for you. We also provide numerous other legal services for families to help you throughout your divorce, if needed. Call 630-904-3033 to speak with a member of our offices today.