I’m not one to leave feedback, but thought this was relevant for those searching for a divorce attorney. I found myself in the unfortunate predicament in the need to hire a divorce attorney. I interviewed a few attorneys prior who charged just to meet with you. Not the case with Mr. Abear – after several weeks I searched Avvo and luckly found Tony. From our first meeting he was excellent. Putting me at ease and making me feel like I found someone who actually cares. Very professional, easy to talk to and really listens.. I hired Tony on the spot and after being accosted by my now ex-wives attorney, the first thing he said is I got your back.. And he certainly did. Professional, caring, knowledgeable and makes you a top priority.. He is always accessible and fees were minimal compared to other attorneys I have met.. I recommend Mr. Abear for any legal needs. He will fight for you..