I have known Tony since I retained the services of his firm, Abear Law, to help me with my divorce case in 2012. The case went on for about two years because of the complexities involved and it was Tonys diligence in the case as well as his perseverance that led to a fair and equitable outcome. Tony played a critical role in guiding and representing me during this difficult situation. I found Tony to be very competent, and he always provided sage advice there were times when I was about to make an emotionally driven decision and it was Tony who always helped me logically think through various options and their implications, which resulted in a better outcome for me. Tony is also conscientious and fair he made every effort to manage costs, delegating the less complex aspects of the case to his junior colleague, who I found to also be very professional, hardworking and an excellent attorney. His paralegal team is also extremely professional; always very prompt in their replies and with following through on various tasks. Overall, I would recommend Tony to anyone looking for knowledgeable, diligent and top notch lawyer with a solid team of support professionals.