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Unmarried Fathers and Their Rights in Illinois

A child is a beautiful gift. Both parents are typically happy to bond with their child and give him or her the best life possible. However, there are situations when a father is not present when his child is born—an alleged father may be unaware that he is actually the biological father of a child.

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How Do Visitation Rights Work?

Child custody and visitation arrangements can be complex in the best of circumstances, especially if you do not understand the new dynamics of your family structure. Whether you have agreed to this arrangement, or a court has ordered it, it is important to understand how visitation works.

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Visitation Rights in Illinois

Although the court strives to give every divorcing parent custodial time with his or her children, this is not always feasible. In cases where this cannot be achieved, the noncustodial parent is usually granted visitation rights with his or her children. Visitation rights are court-ordered visits between a parent and child that are meant to maintain the bond between the parent and the child.

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Same-Sex Marriage in Illinois

American society is in a constant state of change – especially the field of family law. Just a decade ago, same-sex couples could only dream of getting married in most of the United States. Today, homosexual and heterosexual couples alike have the right to marry in 37 states.

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