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Signs of a Bad Marriage

Divorce happens all the time, and for a variety of different reasons. Even couples in happy marriages can be caught off guard by something unexpected that may lead to divorce. While most people do not get married expecting a divorce down the road, many people wonder if there are any signs that indicate that a relationship may be headed towards divorce. Thanks to research from psychologists at the University of Washington and the University of California at Berkeley, we now know there may be four tell tale behaviors that may exist within your relationship that could indicate you and your partner are headed towards divorce. While only you and your partner can truly determine if you are happy and compatible, if you notice that you or your loved one exhibits any of these four behaviors frequently, you may be in trouble.

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Divorce May Cause Weight Gain in Men

Experts sometimes compare the psychological stress of divorce to that of the death of a close family member. The effects can be severe and the emotional scars can take years to heal, if they ever do. Weight gain is a common side-effect of stress so perhaps it may be somewhat expected for a person going through a divorce to put on a few pounds. What may be surprising, though, is that after a divorce, men seem to gain more weight than women.

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